Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Please, read carefully the conditions, written in this website, before using it. Using the website and generating an order in the website means you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of shop.sign-sport.com.




SIGN SPORT LTD, through the medium of shop.sign-soprt.com, reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice. The changes would be published on the website.Every customer enters a legally binding contract to purchase an item, when the customer buys an item from shop.sign-soprt.com. The obligations in this contract are considered for executed, with the delivery of the product to the customer.

The transaction between shop.sign-sport.com and the customer is considered successful, only with all the correct details of the customer, filled in the form.

Due to Out Of Stock or other circumstance, it is possible that some products are not available to order at the moment. For more information, the customer should contact SIGN SPORT LTD, via the given e-mail address or telephone number.

SIGN SPORT LTD reserves the right to change the prices of the products, without a notice. The price which the customer has to pay is the price which was pronounced at the time of purchase. The price-off is valid when there is a new price next to the old one, when the old one is crossed-out.


SIGN SPORT LTD is obliged to deliver the ordered product in 5 working days, starting from the date of the order. The expenses in case of a return from the customer, will be covered by the customer.

In case of invalid details of the customer, SIGN SPORT LTD is not committed to execute the order, and does not assume responsibility.




SIGN SPORT LTD provides the following information, according to the Consumer Protection Law: 

 The prices shown include VAT

The main features of every product are shown in the description of the product

The delivery expenses, which are not included in the price of the product, are shown in section "Delivery"

According to article 55 of the Consumer Protection Law, the customer has the right to return the product back, in term of 14 days, under the specified conditions.

SIGN SPORT LTD. details: 1729 Sofia Bulgaria, blvd Alexander Malinov 23, CITY POINT, OFFICE 61




Keep the dead-lines, mentioned in the delivery conditions 

Guarantee that the products which are sold are in good condition and are not used before.

Give information to the cutomer about the availability of the products




Pay the ordered products, as well as the delivery expenses if there are such /for orders exceeding 50 Euro delivery is free, for orders under 50 Euro delivery cost is 5 Euro/

To provide the needed details: Name, Forename and Surname, telephone number, address and e-mail

To make sure that the delivery can be received at the given address




According to article 55 from the Consumer Protection Law, the customer can return the order in term of 14 days, starting from the day of the order, provided that the following conditions are kept:

The product has not been used, the integrity of the box is kept, and the product is in the condition in which it was received, together with all of the documents, issued by SIGN SPORT LTD /invoice and bond or bill/

In case the customer returns a product, he should contact a SIGN SPORT LTD representative in 14 days from receiving the order. The customer should provide a bank details of the account to which he wants the recovery of the costs for the product, or via Cash On Delivery to an address, specified by SIGN SPORT LTD.

The customer should contact a SIGN SPORT LTD representative, so the latter would provide the address to which the customer should send the product.

In case of a return, the purchase contract is considered complete. The customer would receive the money back, as soon as SIGN SPORT LTD receives the product back.

In case any of the terms and conditions is being violated, SIGN SPORT LTD reserves the right to refuse to recover the expenses for the product to the customer.

The transportation expenses for the returning are covered by the customer.

In case a wrong product has been ordered, the transportation expenses for the returning are covered by the customer.




The paying methods in SHOP.SIGN-SPORT.BG are: 

Cash On Delivery -  with the receiving of the delivery, the customer pays directly to the courier / at the courier office

Paying with a card via virtual POS terminal - if the payment has been done with a card, the cashback in case of a return, will be received in the same bank account from which the money were sent, in 5 days from the returning of the order. 




Sign-sport.bg  uses the customers' details (names, telephone number, address and e-mail) with the purpose of : 

1. Improving the quality of service

2. Providing information to the customer concerning the delivery status

3. To make the delivery to the customer easier

4. Sign-sport.bg reserves the right to use the given details of the customer, to send information about sales, advertisement, offers and etc, and other aims allowed by the law, except in the cases in which the customer has informed sign-sport.bg on the given e-mail address, that he refuses to receive them. 


SIGN SPORT LTD is obliged to keep the customer details in confidence and will not under any circumstance provide them to third parties, except in the cases in which is obliged to provide them to the authorities.  Using shop.sign-sport.bg, the customer agrees his personal details to be kept, in accordance with the policy of the website. 

 SIGN SPORT LTD reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for confidetiality, with the latter being valid from the moment they are announced in the website.



 SIGN SPORT LTD provides warranty of 2 years for every product purchased from shop.sign-sport.bg. With every purchased product, the customer receives a bill or an invoice, which makes the warranty valid.


Terms of void warranty: 

Repair of the product made by the customer or a third party

Damages due to bad transportation

Misuse of the product

Bad storage of the product