Privacy Policy

Sometimes we keep small files called Cookies on your device, so that the this website would work properly. Most of the websites use this method.


What is Cookies?

Cookies is small text files, which are saved on your PC or mobile device, when you enter a website. They allow the website to save your preferences /like username, language, font size and others/ for a given period of time, so you don't have to apply them every time you enter the website or you go from one page to the other. 


How do we use the Cookies?

Visiting this website may keep Cookies with the following purpose:

  • Cookies for productivity of the website
  • Cookies for analizing the visitors of the website;
  • Cookies for geographic information;
  • Cookies for registration;
  • Cookies for advertising;
  • Cookies for advertisers.


How to control Cookies

You can control Cookies and/or delete Cookies whenever you want - for more information visit You can delete all cookies which are saved on your PC, and also you can set the browser to block them. If you do that, you may have to set manually some settings every time you visit a website, and its possible that other features and services stop working without Cookies.